The TMW Events Team is composed of experts in researching and recommending materials and structures that will make your event unique and EXCEPTIONAL. We participate in international trade shows and events because every day is an opportunity for us to innovate, improve and learn. Constantly keeping up to date and our desire to give life to new ideas has shown us that the essential ingredient for a good team is CURIOSITY. Curiosity is what pushes us beyond the trivial, curiosity is what inspires innovative spirits and curiosity guides us towards new horizons.
We are not content with understanding what the current industry trends are, our goal is to sense changes before they occur.

The challenge of the TMW Events team is to understand today what the trend of tomorrow will be.

All these factors combined make TMW Events a team that can give you the very best. We are not simply organizers, creators or coordinators; we are people who work every day to ensure we are giving our very best to every project.
We have very different personalities, sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree. This is another strong point … we have to constantly compare notes. New ideas are generated through this exchanging of views, not through the intuition of a single individual. The moment we meet a new customer for the first time, our creative minds begin to wander, giving life to the idea we each want to propose. However, the real creative moment is not the initial one, but the one after. As we begin to exchange views, analyzing the pros and cons of each idea, we add, take away, enrich and innovate. Each team member, with his or her own merits and flaws, contributes to the creation of the same project. In short, we are diverse minds, each with their own ideas, their own tastes and personalities, but there is one thing that unites us: we share the same values. Insatiable, creative, perfectionists, curious; this sets TMW Events team apart from all the rest. Enter our world, take a look at our presentation video.