Live streaming events: TMW Events breaks down the space-time barrier

When organizing an event, be it private or corporate, there are many choices that must be made such as the number of guests and the venue, and this alone is not an easy matter. Additionally, the choice of venue is also dictated by whether guests will require a transfer service or not. In fact, the venue where the event is held will not necessarily be easily accessible to everyone. However, today’s society has amply demonstrated that physical presence is no longer a sine qua non condition to feel engaged by something. Technology allows us to overcome any space-time barrier.
Open up to the future, with TMW Events your event can be experienced through live streaming!

Livestream your event with TMW Events.

Thanks to its exclusive collaboration with a company specializing in live sports streaming, TMW Events offers you an innovative way to make the most of your next event by making it shareable, multimedia and interactive.

How do we do it? By creating a live streaming of the event, with the aid of professional video cameras and drones. This effectively deals with any limit related to the place and the number of guests. Any type of event, be it a wedding, a new brand or new product launch, a corporate convention, can be experienced by as many people as you want without requiring them to move. The atmosphere, the highlights, the general development, whoever connects live won’t miss out on any aspect of the event and will feel like an actual participant. Distant relatives who cannot travel, potential buyers interested in the product advertised, be they national, European, or non-European users. Your event will have no limits of use.

Live streaming offers a wide range of customization, enabling us to offer this service for any type of event: a wedding, a trade show, a conference or business meeting. There are no mandatory conditions, the methods, times and locations of filming are wholly customizable.

What we offer

Our team brings a significant contribution: our group has an OB vehicle, cameramen and professional drone pilots. In the event of a wedding, for example, we can film what takes place in the church, follow the couple with a drone on their way to the venue (with any relevant limitations dictated by city rules) and simultaneously film the arrival of guests at the reception. All this combined with videos with graphic enhancements and various types of news previously agreed upon with the wedding planner.

At the end of the event, the footage can be shared and uploaded to the platform of your choosing.

Ovviamente serve una connessione Internet di buona capacità. Non l’avete? Nessun problema, la nostra regia mobile dispone del collegamento satellitare per poter mandare in onda l’evento da qualsiasi parte si svolga.

In short, your streaming event with TMW Events will be a one-of-a-kind!

Eventi in live streaming: TMW Events abbatte le barriere spazio-temporali

A video to overcome space-time barriers

By its very nature, any event has a specific and limited temporal dimension. But not with TMW Events. With us, your next event will be timeless for three reasons:

  • it will be etched in your guests’ memory
  • it will also be remembered by those who did not physically participate but experienced it through live streaming
  • through an ad hoc post-produced video, the event will be available to anyone who is interested

In addition to live streaming, we also offer post-production video editing with customizable graphics, storytelling and content. Boasting an extremely versatile service, TMW Events can create the video formula that best suits your event. The uses that can be made of the video we will create are truly infinite: a keepsake, a summary of the topics covered during the event, a presentation to include in the company website, content for social media, a storyboard of the day/s the event took place.

Choose us for your next event! TMW Events will make a difference.

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