Augmented reality scavenger hunt: TMW Events’ app

What does a scavenger hunt have to do with an event? And since when is a scavenger hunt done with a mobile phone? Don’t worry, trust TMW Events! You are about to discover one of our trump cards.

TMW Events’ Augmented Reality scavenger hunt: engaging, amusing, entertaining.

When we participate in an event, what factors do we analyze when giving our assessment of the event itself?
The aesthetics, the staging, the setting? All these factors play an important role in the overall success of an event, but there’s something that affects our assessment even more: how much we enjoyed ourselves.

We don’t even notice it but, when evaluating an event, we inherently begin with a dichotomy: I had fun/I didn’t enjoy myself. Once this has been evaluated, we proceed to analyze everything else. The idle, empty, boring moments and minutes spent waiting make us feel useless or even neglected.

In short, in order for an event to be successful it must be engaging, not simply beautiful, creative or evocative. That’s easier said than done, you say. The breaks, the technical timing, the wait are inevitable and the unexpected is always around the corner. However, if you think there isn’t a solution that ensures fun and involvement at your event, it’s because you don’t know what TMW Events has up its sleeve yet.

Augmented reality: when a smartphone “increases” the contents of our surroundings

Were we to give a generic definition of augmented reality, we could say that it is the representation of an “enhanced” reality wherein virtual contents are superimposed on the user’s view of the real world. Thus, by scanning an object with a camera smartphone, we can display additional information about that object, such as its definition, market value or the place where it can be purchased. Clearly, Augmented Reality can be used in varying contexts with very different functions. In the case of our scavenger hunt, augmented reality is used for recreational purposes. Let’s have a look at its main features.

TMW Events 2.0 scavenger hunt

  1. After downloading the app, guests begin their scavenger hunt with a pre-set system time limit but taking into account the guests’ preferred times. The participants scan the environment around them with their smartphone camera to discover clues and collect points. Following the clues provided by the system, they discover objects chosen as game “landmarks” until they reach the end of the itinerary. The winner is determined by the time taken and the points collected
  2. When an object has been scanned, content such as questions, trivia, directions on how to reach the next objects and bonus points will appear on the guests’ screen. The guests will participate in a real scavenger hunt that is fully customizable based on the theme of the event itself. Here are just a few examples. In the case of a wedding, the theme could be the spouses themselves or their friends, some trivia about them, their childhood or the way they met. In the case of a restaurant opening, the game could focus on the distinctive features of the venue, on its best features, be they stylistic or offerings, which the owner wishes to highlight
  3. What about prizes? The scavenger hunt ends with the arrangements that the event organizers prefer. You can give rewards to those who completed the game in the shortest time or those who got the highest score. If you want to be more creative, you could use the scavenger hunt to bring all the guests to a specific place of their surroundings where something special is about to take place. The storytelling ability of this app is truly limitless, as well as the potential for personalization. Choose TMW Events for your next event and together we will create a game perfectly tailored to your needs.

Added value for an unforgettable evente

In conclusion, this app is a veritable trump card that will make your event memorable, innovative and really fun. Including a TMW Events scavenger hunt in your event program is a winning choice. The app can be introduced when it best suits you, in the event of long breaks or, for example, technical difficulties. Thus, an unforeseeable circumstance is transformed into a profitable moment.
In short, TMW Events’ augmented reality app is the cherry on the cake that will make your event perfect and one of a kind.

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